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The Starfish Ventures investment team has over 50 combined years experience investing in high growth companies and outstanding management teams. We understand the challenges of seeding, building and managing high growth technology businesses from an Australian base.

A key success factor in our mission to grow great companies is that we invest in people, not just technology. The Starfish team focuses on a company-growth approach, adding value to its investee companies by assisting founders in the following ways:

Building Management Capabilities

The specific needs of each portfolio company dictate our level of involvement. We generally appoint an active director to the board of a portfolio company so we can assist with strategic and operational issues.

We do not aspire to manage the day-to-day operations of our portfolio companies; however we do aim to be actively involved with management in decisions that are critical in generating significant shareholder value.

Building Successful Teams

Outstanding management teams and company Boards are key to taking our portfolio companies to the next stage in their growth and development. Starfish Ventures brings proven expertise in successfully identifying the right executive talent for our portfolio companies.

Access to Strong Global Business Connections

Starfish Ventures' long term participation in the venture capital market has enabled the creation of powerful networks amongst global businesses, high quality intermediaries, research institutes, co-investors and entrepreneurs. Our portfolio companies benefit from these personal introductions to distributors and strategic partners from the US, European and Japanese markets.

Starfish Ventures also has an extensive network of relationships with over 80 angel investors and venture capital firms, both domestically and internationally. Co-investments with other international top-tier firms include Ampersand Ventures, Development Bank of Singapore, Enterprise Partners Venture Capital, Hummer Winblad, Khosla Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & ByersThe Carlyle Group, Lilly Ventures, Sierra Ventures and Versant Ventures.

Driving Businesses and International Expansion

Starfish Ventures assists portfolio companies to become regional and global market leaders and we are committed to helping companies effectively target overseas markets. In some cases, this means establishing an overseas presence. We have helped many of our portfolio companies to move a portion of their operations overseas, often maintaining research, development and manufacturing in Australia.

Developing Exit Strategies

With 14 trade sales and IPOs to date - including listings on the NASDAQ, AIM and ASX -  the Starfish team has established a strong reputation for partnering with talented entrepreneurs to grow innovative companies from an Australian base. We work closely with both management and other stakeholders in determining and implementing the most appropriate exit strategy. The positioning of a portfolio company for an eventual exit commences on the first day of the investment and may involve positioning the company for M&A, trade sale or an IPO.

This approach is applied as standard operating procedure in order to build Starfish's portfolio companies and provide superior returns for all shareholders. 

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