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Audinate Brings Dante™ Digital Audio Networking Technology to AES

Tuesday, 02 October 2007
Audinate Brings Dante™ Digital Audio Networking Technology to AES

Broadway, New South Wales AU (October 3, 2007) – This is the 123rd AES Convention, but the first for Audinate, a new company built around a new technology. Dante is an advanced digital media networking technology initially proposed and developed by Audinate’s founders as a major research project under the auspices of National Information & Communications Technology Australia (NICTA). Dolby Labs and Lab.gruppen are the first OEM manufacturers to have licensed the technology, which is now available as a standard feature of both the Dolby Lake Processor and of Lab.gruppen’s new PLM™ Series of amplifier/processors. “Dante builds on recent developments in networking technology to provide high-bandwidth, low-latency digital audio distribution with sample-accurate playback timing, using standard Internet protocols – not just Ethernet,” explains Audinate’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Lance Korthals. “We are convinced that Dante offers a reliable, practical and high-performance solution for everyone whose job is audio, not networking. So, to enable OEM manufacturers to bring this technology to market quickly, we have made it as easy to license and to incorporate into both new and existing products as it is to use. It is very gratifying to see such a great response to Dante from the growing group of manufacturers interested in licensing Dante technology– and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have industry leaders like Dolby Labs and Lab.gruppen as the first to announce Dante-enabled products.”

With innovative features such as Zen™, Audinate’s automatic device discovery and system configuration protocol, Dante-enabled devices automatically find each other on the network and configure themselves, making Dante networking a true plug-and-play experience.
Dante’s unique combination of speed, flexibility and ease of use is the result of both patented algorithms and a commitment to compatibility with existing networking standards. Because of this, Dante is the first and only professional audio networking technology to use IP (Internet Protocol) data packets, allowing Dante networks to take full advantage of high-bandwidth Ethernet components, including both 100 Mbit and Gigabit Ethernet switches as well as fiber optic links.
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Based in New South Wales, Australia, Audinate was founded in 2006 by researchers at the prestigious NICTA (National Information & Communications Technology Australia) research institute to spin out the Dante technology, which they had developed over a period of three years. The Audinate team is comprised of recognized experts with roughly 80 years of combined experience working in advanced networking technologies such as service discovery, multicast, quality-of-service, wireless networking, and zero-configuration protocols. Audinate is dedicated to using its unique technology to bring the benefits of high-performance digital networking to media professionals in live sound, broadcast, recording/production and related fields.

  • Audinate is a spin-off of National Information & Communications Technology Australia (NICTA)
  • Its mission is to commercialize the Dante digital audio networking technology, which was a successful research project of NICTA, and to continue development of advanced solutions for networking real-time media over Ethernet and Internet
  • Dante has been licensed by Dolby Labs and Lab.gruppen – it is part of the Dolby Lake Processor as well as Lab.gruppen’s Powered Loudspeaker Management™ Series of amplifier/processors.