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Audinate's Dante Technology at World Youth Day

Wednesday, 30 July 2008
Audinate's Dante Technology at World Youth Day


Sydney, Australia – [July 31, 2008] Innovative media networking technology from Australian company Audinate has proven itself at one of this year’s largest public gatherings – World Youth Day. Huge crowds attended the recent events in Sydney, Australia, where Pope Benedict XVI’s final mass drew 400,000 to Randwick Racecourse. Scott Willsallen of Auditoria was charged with delivering a high quality audio experience to everyone in attendance at both Randwick and “Super Thursday” at Barangaroo on Sydney Harbor. He abandoned the traditional approach (point-to-point wiring with a cable for each audio channel) and chose Audinate’s Dante™ technology to connect the centrally located mixing desk with loudspeakers hung in far-flung towers throughout the audience area. Audinate’s technology distributes high-quality digital media over the same Ethernet cables and switches that connect computers, printers and other business tools in most offices.

Willsallen is an expert in designing audio systems for huge events: his resumé includes the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, 2006 Commonwealth Games, 2006 Doha Asian Games, 2006 Eurovision Song Contest and the 2003 Rugby World Cup. “Using Dante offered an extremely cost-effective way of distributing audio to the large number of speaker towers used at the venues – seventy of them at Randwick”, he said. “Dante networking was easy to set up and operate. I estimate that it saved around $200,000 in cabling costs”. Without Audinate’s new technology, many kilometres of cabling would have been required at the WYD events.

With investment from two Australian Venture Firms, Innovation Capital and Starfish Ventures, Audinate is commercializing technology initially developed in the Sydney Laboratories of National ICT Australia (NICTA). Dante interfaces are currently available in products from a number of audio equipment manufacturers including Dolby and Lab.gruppen, and the successes at World Youth Day should accelerate adoption of Audinate’s technology by leading audio professionals and the manufacturers that supply them. “Dante meets the stringent performance requirements of live professional audio,” explains Audinate CTO Aidan Williams. “Audio professionals find it easy to set up and operate a Dante network because its Zen protocol allows all the pieces of the system to discover each other automatically. For these reasons Dante is being used in a growing number of large live events in Australia, the USA and the UK.”

About Audinate
The Audinate team is composed of recognized experts with over 80 years of combined experience developing advanced network solutions for Motorola and other companies. Networking is our only business: we develop the patented Dante media networking technology and license it to manufacturers who want to give their customers the fastest, easiest, highest quality, most reliable and flexible audio networks available.