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Austhink Enters U.S. Market With Business Decision Mapping Software

Tuesday, 20 May 2008
Austhink Enters U.S. Market With Business Decision Mapping Software



SAN FRANCISCO and MELBOURNE, Australia, May 21, 2008 Austhink, the leader in critical thinking solutions, today announced the company’s official U.S. launch and the release of bCisive 1.0, the industry’s first software solution designed to simplify and track the thinking behind business decisions.

bCisive brings the power of visualization to complex deliberations, speeding decision making and reducing the stress associated with the decision process. The solution also provides an auditable account of why and how business decisions are made, bringing a new level of accountability and transparency to corporate decision makers.

The majority of important business decisions are made without using technical decision methods. Instead, decisions are typically made in an informal, collaborative process of canvassing and weighing different arguments. Until now, there has never been a tool that explicitly steps decision makers through the deliberative process, assists in evaluating options and provides clarity to make well-informed decisions. With its keenly intuitive interface, business users can rapidly assemble simple diagrams displaying the complex structure behind decisions: options, pros and cons, arguments and evidence. By allowing users to present relevant issues in a more transparent and objective way, decisions are made more easily, confidently, and with more accountability.

“Decision making is a core business activity, and yet there is a lack of available solutions on the market that ease, streamline and track that process,” said Tim van Gelder, CEO of Austhink. “The standard office productivity suites have nothing focused directly on decision making. We designed bCisive to fill that gap. It is based on two very simple propositions. First, business decisions are generally quite complex. Second, visualization helps the human mind cope with complexity, clarifying issues that might otherwise be confusing and difficult to digest. bCisive helps users visualize the intricate web of considerations bearing on important decisions.”

“bCisive is a highly effective tool that provides real value in my decision-making process,” says Bill Welter, Managing Director of Adaptive Strategies. “I do a lot of consulting and education with clients, and it’s a tool we can use to ‘paint the picture’ of the issues and decisions under discussion. It’s a great planning tool for senior executives, and it has broader applicability to middle managers in their quest to influence decisions in their organizations.”

Tailored for Business Decision Making

For best results, it always makes sense to use tools designed for a particular job. bCisive is the first information visualization solution designed from the outset to support the deliberative processes behind business decision making. Capabilities include:
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  •; padding-left: 16px; padding-right: 7px; background-position: 3px 6px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">Custom layout algorithms that display the distinctive structure of complex deliberations in intuitive ways.
  •; padding-left: 16px; padding-right: 7px; background-position: 3px 6px; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;">Simple mechanisms for sharing logic and decisions with others, even if they do not have bCisive installed.

Building a High Performance Workplace

As the best decisions are the ones that can be linked to successful implementations, today’s decision makers need tools that not only help them arrive at decisions quickly, but that also facilitate efficient and proper execution. One key approach for ensuring proper implementation is through consensus building – when a team reaches consensus, action becomes the inevitable next step. But often, even after consensus is reached, that action is inconsistent with the logic behind it. bCisive’s decision maps present a clear display of the thought processes behind a decision that is shared easily with others, putting the end-result in context to help teams understand the considerations involved. Using bCisive results in more informed consensus building and the proper implementation of team decisions.

“The right decision is generally the one with the most buy-in from the team,” says Dr. Jeff Conklin of the CogNexus Institute. “bCisive takes our capacity to build shared understanding and commitment among teams to a whole new level. At last we have commercial grade software which is powerful enough to cope with the complexity of real business problems, while still being simple enough to be used by non-specialists.”

Pricing and Availability

free 30-day trial of bCisive is available for download. Individuals can purchase single licenses of bCisive at a Web Special price of $149. The regular list price for bCisive is $349, and volume discounts are available from Austhink direct sales and resellers.

About Austhink

Austhink provides critical thinking solutions for both the enterprise and education. Founded and led by renowned cognitive scientist, Tim van Gelder, PhD, Austhink’s software applies insights from cognitive science to enhance thinking and decision making capacities. Its Rationale product is used by major universities, such as New York Law School, San Francisco State University and the University of Melbourne. Austhink’s latest software, bCisive, is the first and only solution on the market that directly supports the informal deliberative processes underlying most business decision making. For more information, visit the Austhink website.