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Holly Connects Ships Holly5 Voice Platform

Monday, 14 July 2008
Holly Connects Ships Holly5 Voice Platform

BOSTON, Mass., July 15, 2008 -- Holly Connects, the fresh voice in voice platforms™, today announced it has released Holly5™, an updated version of its flagship IVR software. Holly5 offers a rich array of capabilities – including outbound dialing and application multitenancy – that work together to provide unprecedented power, versatility, and convenience in empowering callers with self-service options.

“Holly5 provides a superb solution for organizations replacing aging telephony infrastructure thanks to its support for VoIP telephony, VoiceXML 2.1 compliance, configurable CTI interface, and software-only design,” said Lance Berks, Chief Executive Officer, Holly Connects. “Holly5 readily meets the most demanding call processing needs of large enterprises, telecommunications carriers, and hosted service providers. Even companies that built their own voice platforms in search of esoteric capabilities are finding Holy5 compelling, as it already includes many unique features they need, yet can be customized through bespoke development at a refreshingly affordable price.”

Holly5 features an efficient, high-density design that scales to handle thousands of simultaneous calls, combining affordable commercial hardware in a fault-tolerant manner to yield ultra-reliable call processing. This architecture includes central management across geographically distributed sites, with detailed performance logging, sophisticated real-time reporting, and full-duplex whole call recording.

Holly5 introduces several innovative capabilities that target emerging needs. “Our customers are running an increasing number of complex voice applications within a single deployment,” said Ray Teale, Chief Technical Officer, Holly Connects. “We wanted to address this trend by going beyond the traditional concepts of multitenancy. Our answer is the unique IVR virtualization facility at the core of Holly5.”

Traditional multitenancy allows IVR applications to share infrastructure but requires that the applications compromise on a common operating environment, overseen by a single administrator. IVR virtualization eliminates this limitation by providing each application with an independently-configurable operating environment, making the shared infrastructure function as multiple private systems. Each virtual IVR can be administered independently through secure accounts, assigned its own pool of speech resources, and reconfigured dynamically. IVR virtualization provides the many benefits of dedicated IVR systems but with greater efficiency and flexibility.

Another notable market trend is growing demand for outbound messaging applications. “Many enterprises have identified outbound applications that can provide significant cost-saving opportunities, often while raising customer satisfaction,” said Dr. Rob Kassel, Vice President of Marketing and Product, Holly Connects. “However, until recently outbound applications required specialized programming and dedicated hardware, making them costly to deploy and maintain. “ Holly5 promises to bring outbound applications into the mainstream, allowing them to be deployed alongside inbound applications in a blended environment, thus providing further savings by taking advantage of idle capacity outside of the established busy hour. Holly5 includes advanced call progress monitoring with positive speech detection, making it easier to ensure calls are delivered as intended.

Holly5 features a streamlined design built around open standards. Its native SIP and VoIP implementations provide future-proof telephony interfaces that can be interconnected with any switch or PBX. Its high-performance VoiceXML 2.1 interpreter allows applications to be built using a wide selection of development tools. Its MRCP interfaces have been tested against the industry’s broadest selection of speech recognition and text-to-speech engines. “We see standards as an essential element in our designs and not an afterthought,” said Dr. Andrew Hunt, Vice President of Engineering, Holly Connects. “We believe open interfaces deliver better value for our customers.”

Holly5 already has been deployed at selected customer sites worldwide and is generally available immediately.

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