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Investee company success story – dorsaVi

Thursday, 23 June 2016
Investee company success story – dorsaVi

dorsaVi is an ASX listed health-science company that was developed by physiotherapist Andrew Ronchi. Its revolutionary wireless technology is designed to accurately and objectively measure and analyse human movement.

Over a period of incredible growth, Andrew has secured backing from Starfish Ventures and attracted Herb Elliott to serve as chairman of the company’s board. dorsaVi now counts high-profile sporting clubs and corporations as customers, including over seven AFL clubs as well as New Orleans Saints, the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and New York Knicks in the US. Key to dorsaVi’s global success has been support from Starfish Ventures to navigate the complicated and lengthy process of clinical trials and gain approval as a medical grade device in the US, UK and Australian markets.

Watch the video below to meet Andrew and hear about his journey to success, with support from Starfish Ventures Investment Principal, Michael Panaccio.