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Monitoring Division, Inc. Announces Advisory Board to Help Build Its Success in New Field of Live Network Heath Management Successfully

Monday, 22 September 2008
Monitoring Division, Inc. Announces Advisory Board to Help Build Its Success in New Field of Live Network Heath Management Successfully

ECOC CONFERENCE, BRUSSELS, Belgium - September 23, 2008 – Monitoring Division, Inc. (mdi), a pioneer in the new field of Live Network Health Management, today announced at the annual European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) that it has formed an industry advisory board to help that the company realize its potential to become a key player in the high speed networking industry.

mdi staff and board members already have substantial expertise in optical networking, carrier operations and the non-traditional application of advanced technologies such as genomics to the field of high-speed network diagnostics. With this move, the new advisory board will deepen the team’s access to the best and brightest in global optical service providers and telecom equipment manufacturers, as well as offering lessons learned in technology delivery.

New advisory board members include the following six high-speed networking industry experts:

Joe Goodman, leading inventor and optics researcher, has served on the boards of Optivision, ONI Systems, E-TEK, Ondax and Nanoprecision Products, Inc. He is past president of the Optical Society of America (OSA), governor of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), on the board of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and senior Fellow of OSA, SPIE and IEEE, as well as Professor Emeritus at Stanford University. He has received the highest honors for contributions in physical optics, holography, synthetic aperture optics, image processing, speckle theory, optical processing and optical computing.

Alex Dickinson is co-founder of Luxtera and president and CEO of Helixis, Inc. He has been director of Lucent Technologies’ New Ventures Group, headed Ethentica, which shipped the first flat panel display biometric sensors, co-founded two successful Australian startups, and holds over 50 US and international patents.

Bjoern Christensen was president of business development for Siemens Network Access and founded Mustang Ventures capital fund, which invested in Sycamore Networks, Efficient Networks and Extreme Networks, among others. He was managing director of Siemens Venture Capital (SVC), with over 600 million Euro under management. He led SVC to become one of the most prominent corporate venture groups, with 70+ direct investments and 30+ fund investments.

Steve Frisken is vice president of wavelength products with Optium, Inc. He co-founded Photonic Technologies, acquired by Nortel Networks, and was responsible for the introduction of a telecom-scaled optical circulator as well as passive and dynamic EDFA gain flattening filters. He founded and led Engana before its acquisition by Optium.

Ron Mackey is a serial entrepreneur and former vice president of marketing and business development with Calient Networks. He headed product planning and strategy for Tellabs’ North American product line and advanced optical groups. He was previously chief technology officer for Osicom Technologies/Sorrento Networks, as well as founder and president of Distributed
Systems International, Inc. (DSI).

Terry Unter is president and CEO of Mintera Corporation. He was previously COO of Corvis Corporation, as well as vice president of global optoelectronics at AMP, Inc. He led in the creation
of Alcatel’s Optronics subsidiary and managed joint ventures between Alcatel and Chinese producers of complex VSLI components for telecom applications.

“We are a new company working with complex, innovative technology to produce simple, elegant and practical solutions for fast moving markets, so we sought individuals with specific experience and who were excited to help us meet our challenges,” stated David Wright, mdi CEO and cofounder. “This diverse panel of experts augments our knowledge of the market and helps us to ensure customer satisfaction, technology applicability and successful business strategy; it also opens doors with customers worldwide.”

He continued, “We are delighted that these six remarkable individuals will help mdi succeed with some very counterintuitive goals: we intend to creatively draw on technologies outside of telecom to make Live Network Health Management (i.e., measurement, monitoring, diagnosis and optimization) a new and powerful discipline. We intend to help carriers and OEMs improve the performance and reduce the risk of managing high-speed networks. We are moving very quickly to deliver these solutions and taking extraordinary steps to ensure that we are spot-on with operators’ needs.”

mdi will attend the ECOC Conference and be available to meet with prospects and press. For those interested in meeting with mdi to discuss the company's innovations, please contact Olivier
Jerphagnon at

About mdi
mdi was created to address critical gaps in network diagnostics, which carriers face as they move from traditional SONET to higher speed IP over Optics networks. The company uses unique pattern recognition and optical monitoring techniques to fill these gaps, and to build the new field of Live Network Health Management. The company delivers creative software solutions for telecom systems vendors and service providers who need to deploy agile networks and manage self-aware optical infrastructures in real time. Founded in 2007, mdi (Monitoring Division, Inc.) has offices in Sunnyvale, California and Melbourne, Australia. For more information, visit