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Monitoring Division, Inc. Successfully Completes Customer Trials of Multi-Impairment Monitoring Device

Monday, 22 September 2008
Monitoring Division, Inc. Successfully Completes Customer Trials of Multi-Impairment Monitoring Device


ECOC CONFERENCE, BRUSSELS, Belgium - September 23, 2008 – Monitoring Division, Inc. (mdi), a pioneer in the field of Live Network Health Management, today announced at the annual European conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) that it has successfully completed four customer trials of its prototype multi-impairment monitoring device, the first sensor capable of simultaneously assessing critical optical impairments such as chromatic dispersion (CD) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD) on live network traffic.

mdi applied a crossover technology approach to measure mixed optical impairments in high-speed networks. Using pattern recognition techniques developed for genomics, the company constructed portraits of the network impairments from live traffic measurements, to diagnose the impairments as they occur. mdi has created and patented this approach, which delivers measurement, monitoring, diagnosis and optimization capabilities at low processing power with a small device footprint. These functions are the essence of what mdi defines as the new field of Live Network Health Management. The patented technology has been in incubation for four years at the company's laboratory at the Australian national information and communication technology research centre of excellence (NICTA).

mdi had several dozen prospects interested to test the prototype, and the company selected four trial participants -- one top-tier global carrier and three top optical systems vendors -- to validate a wide range of practical device operations. It was key, for example, to work with a carrier that uses various commercial transponder types, as well as with OEMs with production WDM system configurations. Operations teams responsible for migrating networks from 2.5G to 10G to 40G equipment in the field have also requested prototypes.

"We have proven that the technology is real, it is resilient to manufacturing variations across the network, and it addresses practical and important problems in today's high-speed optical networks," said mdi CEO and co-founder David Wright.

"We are delighted at how eager trial participants are to get a commercially available product from these efforts, as soon as possible.” added Olivier Jerphagnon, mdi VP Marketing and Business Development. “It is analogous to the technicians' urgent need for a portable OTDR to support FTTH deployment when they started deploying FTTH. They absolutely need this solution for 40 Gbps network deployment, because PMD impairments are 16 times more critical at 40G than they are at 10G."

In today's scenario, network technicians and optical engineers must turn off live traffic in order to measure both CD and PMD. When the network is operating, they have insufficient visibility into
impairments. It also takes too much space and is too costly for operators to deploy one monitor for each impairment. mdi's prototype monitor is the first of its kind to provide a full view of the optical layer with one compact sensor, under live traffic conditions in the network. Additional impairments beyond CD and PMD will be available in the future based on customer demand.

mdi will attend the ECOC Conference and be available to meet with prospects and press. For those interested in meeting with mdi to discuss the company's innovations, please contact Olivier Jerphagnon at

About mdi
mdi was created to address critical gaps in network diagnostics, which carriers face as they move from traditional SONET to higher speed IP over Optics networks. The company uses unique pattern recognition and optical monitoring techniques to fill these gaps, and to build the new field of Live Network Health Management. The company delivers creative software solutions for telecom systems vendors and service providers who need to deploy agile networks and manage self-aware optical infrastructures in real time. Founded in 2007, mdi (Monitoring Division, Inc.) has offices in Sunnyvale, California and Melbourne, Australia. For more information, visit