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More kudos for ImpediMed BIS device for early detection of lymphedema

Monday, 23 November 2009
More kudos for ImpediMed BIS device for early detection of lymphedema

A University of Sydney study has found that ImpediMed's (ASX: IPD) Bioimpedance Spectroscopy (BIS) device is the most suitable for early detection and monitoring of lymphedema.

The share price of ImpediMed moved higher to $0.85 on the news.

The study's findings by researchers at the University of Sydney‟s Breast Cancer Research Group were published this month in the journal Cancer Investigation - found that "BIS is the only measurement method specific to extracellular fluid, ideally suited for early detection and monitoring of lymphedema."

ImpediMed CEO Greg Brown said "this latest study adds weight to the debate presently being held around the globe about the need for standardised objective metrics driving evidence based medicine."

"ImpediMed is very focussed on changing the care model for lymphoedema management in cancer patients from a reactive to a prospective one, he said."

"If lymphoedema can be detected early, progression to the irreversible stages of the condition may be prevented, affording the patient a far better quality of life. We are pleased to be able to offer our L-Dex® U400 device to clinicians to aid them in the early clinical assessment of lymphoedema."

The study was a comparison of physical measurement methods and self report in the assessment of breast cancer-related arm lymphoedema.

It observed that the results from physical measurement methods other than BIS may be confounded by changes not related to lymphoedema such as muscle and fat. Therefore, early lymphoedema build up may go undetected when using these measurement methods.

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