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The Age: Aussie tech startup BugHerd strikes gold, raising $500K

Sunday, 01 January 2012
The Age: Aussie tech startup BugHerd strikes gold, raising $500K

Ben Grubb

January 24, 2012


An Australian technology startup that aims to make reporting of website faults easier and more visual for non tech
-savvy people today announced an investment of $500,000 from Melbourne-based venture capital firm Starfish Ventures.
The startup, BugHerd, was created in 2011 after Melbourne co-founders Alan Downie, 35, and Matt Milosavljevic, 29, were unable to find a bug tracking product suitable for logging and managing visual website issues. Websites owners generally welcome users' reports of faults - or bugs - so they can fix them.
The two enterpreneurs had worked together at Aussie tech company Intranet DASHBOARD before working on and 

off for the past five years on a number of ideas, one including the online usability testing tool

The $500,000 in investment follows the company raising about another $270,000 through a number of means, $25,000 of which was obtained via enrolling successfully in the Australian startup incubator Startmate.

Traditionally bug tracking software has been heavily targeted towards software development teams, said Mr Downie in a telephone interview today. "They're not usually something you would put in front of a manager or a client."
That's the problem BugHeard aimed to fix, he said. It is designed with the non-tech head in mind, allowing for almost any computer user to log bugs affecting a company's website. "We came to the conclusion . 

. . that [bug tracking software is] often a valuable tool to have in front of people who aren't technical in nature."

What had attracted investment in BugHerd was the fact it was "a bug tracker that anyone can use", he said.
The latest round of funding would be used strengthen the BugHeard team of four and to market its product globally, a statement said.