Macropod Software


Software for Devs and Designers


Alan Downie

Investment Director

Anthony Glenning

Investment Date

January 2012

Macropod Software Pty Ltd makes software to help devs, designers and their clients work well together.

Macropod was founded in 2011 by Alan Downie and Matt Milosavljevic. The business originally formed under the name Bugherd, the name of their simple point and click bug tracker. Bugherd is the perfect tool for reporting website bugs and feedback.

In addition to Bugherd, the Macropod team have also created the developer focused task management application Stack. Stack has been built from the ground up to deliver all the important functions dev teams need to manage their projects, but without the feature bloat.

The latest addition to the Macropod suite is Brief which allows digital agencies to better interact with their clients. Brief helps ensure projects are completed on time by allowing agencies to get timely client feedback and approval throughout a project.