Starfish Ventures invests in companies across a diverse range of industries and technologies including life sciences, clean technology, and information technology.



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    • 5th Finger

      5th Finger delivers pioneering mobile solutions for its clients helping them to build relationships with their customers and to lead their markets with innovative mobile communications.

      5th Finger was acquired by Merkle in 2012.

    • Macropod Software

      Macropod Software Pty Ltd makes software to help devs, designers and their clients work well together.

      Macropod was founded in 2011 by Alan Downie and Matt Milosavljevic. The business originally formed under the name Bugherd, the name of their simple point and click bug tracker. Bugherd is the perfect tool for reporting website bugs and feedback.

      In addition to Bugherd, the Macropod team have also created the developer focused task management application Stack. Stack has been built from the ground up to deliver all the important functions dev teams need to manage their projects, but without the feature bloat.

      The latest addition to the Macropod suite is Brief which allows digital agencies to better interact with their clients. Brief helps ensure projects are completed on time by allowing agencies to get timely client feedback and approval throughout a project.

    • Aruspex

      Aruspex's CAPTure software lets companies monitor the progress of their strategic plans and alter the plans based on changes in the company or surrounding environment - in a hosted solution that's fast to implement, easy to manage, and which delivers immediate results.

    • Ausra

      Ausra provides solar power, steam and energy systems for industrial processes and utility-scale electricity generation. Ausra has been aquired by Areva, and renamed Areva Solar.

    • CAP-XX

      CAP-XX develops high power, high energy supercapacitors in thin, flat, prismatic packages. They enable smaller, lighter, more functional and longer-running electronic products by providing peak power support to pulsed loads and short-term power support during interruptions to the primary source.

    • Distra

      Distra is a software company that is transforming payments and helping our customers innovate to respond quickly to new market needs. Distra empowers leading banks, payments processors and other companies in the payments chain to quickly address cost, competitive, customer and regulatory drivers by enhancing their existing payments infrastructure.

      Distra was acquired by ACI Worldwide in 2012. 

    • Energy Response

      Energy Response focuses on implementing energy management solutions to make the electricity industry more efficient, striving to save energy at times of peak demand or during a grid emergency. 

      Demand Response (DR) is a way to reduce the need to raise electricity prices, as approximately half of the rate rises are due to network infrastructure investment aimed at supporting peak demand.

      Energy Response was acquired by EnerNOC in in 2011.

    • EvoStor

      EvoStor was founded in 2007 by experts in file system and storage appliance design to pioneer development of a new generation of storage systems purpose-built for the challenging requirements of virtual infrastructure. 

      EvoStor was acquired by Virsto Software in April 2011.

    • Finisar

      Finisar Corporation is a global technology leader in optical communications components and subsystems. These products enable high-speed voice, video and data communications for networking, storage, wireless, and cable TV applications.

      Over the past two decades, Finisar has provided critical breakthroughs in optics technologies and has supplied system manufacturers with the production volumes needed to meet the exploding demand for network bandwidth and storage. Finisar's industry-leading optical products include transceivers/transponders, active cables, WSS ROADMs, optical instruments, and active and passive components.

      Finisar was listed on the NASDAQ in November 1999 (FNSR). 

    • g2 Microsystems

      g2 Microsystems designs low cost, low power integrated circuits that provide ubiquitous asset tracking solutions leveraging existing infrastructure. g2 Microsystems partners with RFID hardware and software manufacturers, enterprise application developers, and asset tracking service providers to deliver a low cost, reliable asset tracking solution for the supply chain and asset management.

    • Holly Connects

      Holly Connects develops standards-based, next generation voice platforms for enterprises, carriers and hosted service providers. Their customers benefit from strong IVR virtualisation features, sophisticated reporting and industry leading speech recognition logging and call recording. Following strict adherence to industry standards such as VoiceXML and VoIP, the Holly Voice Platform is the only independent platform running large, complex customer deployments world-wide.

      Holly Connects was acquired by West Interactive in 2010. 

    • icix

      icix is a leading provider of business relationship management technologies in the cloud designed to help the world’s largest organizations connect, share data, and manage the performance, quality, and risk of their global supply chains.


    • Intersection Medical

      Intersection Medical develops, markets, and continuously improves innovative non-invasive medical technology to assist physicians and their patients in proactively managing heart failure and improving both clinical outcomes and reducing cost of care.

      Our devices provide physicians with improved information with which to manage heart failure, and provide heart failure patients with increased personal control over their disease states through regular monitoring of fluid status in their home setting and self-initiation of timely and appropriate medical management interventions.




    • iSelect

      iSelect is Australia’s leading financial comparison shopping website, enabling consumers to compare and purchase health, life and general insurance products from multiple providers. iSelect makes available for consumers in one location pertinent product information and advice for comparison purposes. 

      iSelect was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:ISU) in June 2013. 

    • Ourcast

      Minutely by Ourcast is the first App to combine the power of crowdsourced data (allowing anyone to contribute to our unique weather forecasting model right from their phone) with traditional weather forecasting data. The result is an incredibly accurate short-term, hyper-local weather forecast - down to the minute. And it lets you get some of that frustration out when the weather man gets it wrong!

      3D REAL-TIME RADAR Minutely also provides the worlds first real time 3D Radar right on your phone. Understand the true size of whats coming towards you with never before seen volumetric data. You wont find us massaging the data with our pretty animations.

      FULL FEATURED WEATHER Minutely is a full featured weather app that gives you all the information you will need to make the right decisions when planning your day. Going for a run? Riding to work? Or Just want to know how hot its going to get and when. Check Minutely and plan your outdoor activities with confidence.

      - 9 day (2+7) weather forecasts covering anywhere in the continental USA

      - Hyper-local 2 hour weather forecasts covering anywhere in the continental USA down the the minute.

      - Night mode with moon-phase animation based on your location.

      - Current temperature reading with high / low for the day.

      - 24 hour temperature with chance of rain graph.

      - Sun rise and sun set times.

      SOCIAL FEATURES - Report your own weather conditions right on the app’s home screen, making forecasts more accurate for everyone. - See your own reports and others around you. - Share your weather conditions easily on Facebook and Twitter. Join the Minutely community today!

      We’re working to solve weather together.

    • Monitoring Division

      Monitoring Division Inc. is a revolutionary network performance monitoring company.The company’s tools let optical network operators, system vendors and high tech optical labs cost-effectively characterize fiber assets and transmission equipment in order to perform network upgrades, troubleshoot and maintain current systems and continuously manage high-speed networks.

    • NephroDynamics

      Nephrodynamics focused on drugs treating kidney failure during and after septic shock. 


    • Ofidium

      Ofidium’s unique 100 Gigabits per second optical OFDM technology delivers increased bandwidth and reduced costs for telecommunications networks. By enabling 100 Gbit/s transmission over existing telecommunications infrastructure, Ofidium’s optical OFDM technology provides highly efficient capacity growth for new optical fiber and dramatic performance improvements for current networks.

    • Qs Semiconductor

      Qs Semiconductor develops a disruptive non-volatile random access memory (RAM) product that offers the combined benefits of DRAM and Flash memory. The company's non-volatile memory will be high density, low cost and have no wear out - making it ideal for a broad number of applications in the computer, handheld and electronic markets.

    • Quickcomm

      Quickcomm is the largest and most trusted provider of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) software solutions worldwide. "Global 2000" companies and other large organizations have been turning to Quickcomm for nearly a decade to seamlessly optimize telecom expenditures across the enterprise and improve the bottom line.

      Quickcomm was acquired by Vodafone in 2010. 

    • Scalify

      Scalify helps publishers build bigger and better online games and virtual environments. Ourcore product, Badumna, uses a unique approach based on a decentralised architecture, ratherthan client-server. This provides almost unlimited scalability, better networking performance,lower operating costs and the freedom to design multiplayer applications that were simply not possible before.


    • ScriptRock

      ScriptRock provides software that certifies configurations of applications hosted internally or externally. ScriptRock allows companies to both test complex system configurations and share those tests across internal teams.



    • StyleTread

      StyleTread is an online footwear retailer based out of Sydney. StyleTread prides itself on customer service, attracting over 1 million visitors per month and an over 40% repeat buyer rate. StyleTread offers free express delivery and a free 100-day returns policy on all shoes Australia-wide and is solely focused on ensuring customers continue to have positive shopping experiences online.

      Styletread was acquired by Munro Style in 2013. 

    • Space-Time Research

      While organisations collect vast amounts of data, its value lies in exploring the contents to discover valuable insights. Space-Time Research is the expert in unlocking those insights, helping governments and businesses around the world to make better supported decisions faster and individuals to increase understanding of our communities.

      Originating in Australia, STR has specialised for more than 25 years in developing software tools for many of the world’s leading statistical agencies and commercial enterprises. STR is changing the way people explore, build and share information, making the process simple, secure and rich in meaningful insights. STR is able to help customers to get the most from the entire data lifecycle, from collection and processing through to exploration, sharing and review. Following the international GSBPM standard, STR ensures utmost efficiency and compliance so that organisations can extract maximum value from their data assets.

      Their SuperSTAR suite of tools feature a wealth of embedded features that enable users with no coding or programming expertise to explore data, creating and sharing an impressive range of visualisations effortlessly. Confidentialisation through data perturbation gives the peace of mind that private or identifying information is protected without compromising on accurate results. Field level security gives readily managed access according to need. Survey support makes it possible to research, understand and share results, whether specific business research or huge census data volumes.

      Space-Time Research's customer list includes the major statistical agencies and other government bodies around the world.

    • Xelor Software

      Xelor Software provides service quality management software, which resolves the reliability, performance and quality problems associated with the deployment of enterprise IP telephony systems.


    • ZoomSystems

      ZoomSystems is a private company based in San Francisco, CA and is pioneering a new channel: automated retail. The self-service stores enable brands to place their products directly in the path of consumers in an interactive manner, removed from the competitive clutter of traditional retail, offering the immediate gratification of instant product delivery.

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